Course syllabus


Welcome to the course "Beginner studies in Swedish for international students I" at Dalarna University!

This course is based in Falun with most of your lessons taking place on campus. Occasionally, recorded material will be offered via our learning platform. One digital meeting (the last one) is held via Zoom.

During this course you will have the opportunity to learn basic Swedish and develop your perceptual and productive skills in the language in simple, predictable situations.  You will study, amongst other things:

  • basic principles of pronunciation in Swedish
  • elementary Swedish vocabulary 
  • Swedish elementary grammar structure

We see the group work as an important resource in all course activities, made evident by the feedback of previous participants of the course who have highlighted the value of working in groups around interactive exercises as well as around texts, Swedish vocabulary and grammar.

The work around language does not stay in the classroom though. We therefore hope that you also take the chance to actively try using the language in your meetings with Swedish speakers outside the school environment.

Here you will find a preliminary schedule and link to the course syllabus and to the course literature list:

GSS2X7 SIS 1 Schema Falun Ht23-6.doc


Profilprodukt-2207.jpg  Course syllabus

Profilprodukt-2206.jpg  Literature list


Course summary:

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