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Welcome to "Japanese Popular Culture Represented in Anime and Manga" (GJP2MQ) at Dalarna University!

This course is offered online, via the Canvas learning platform and Zoom seminars (the link to the zoom room is in the course guideline module).

In this course, you will get acquainted to the historical development of Japanese popular culture (since WWII), cultural and economic conditions for the Japanese manga and anime industry, and different forms of expression and narrative in the historical development of Japanese manga and anime genres.

The course has 4 main themes (Background, Development of Manga and Anime Industry, Origin and Development of Manga, Otaku Culture). Each theme will be covered in 2 classes (Class 1 to Class 8). The final class(es) - Class 9, and occasionally Class 10 (depending on the number of students) is/are dedicated to your final presentations. The theme of your presentation will be chosen in discussion with the teacher during the course.

Before each class, you are given reading materials which can consist of academic articles, book chapters, blog articles etc. During the course, you are required to hand in two short essays, an outline for the final presentation, and give a presentation of around 10 minutes with visual aid which is the final exam. In order to pass the course, you are required to hand in and pass all the assignments, to pass the final presentation and attend at least 80% of the classes making active participation.

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You can find the schedule and course outline (themes) in the course guide module

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