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You need to register to the course via Ladok before the class starts. If you are a new student at Högskolan Dalarna, your log-in information will be sent to you at the latest in the week before the course begins.

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This is a comprehensive language course and you are going to learn the Chinese language through intensive training of listening, speaking, reading, writing and intercultural communication!

Since it is a web-based course, all the lectures and examinations are carried out in our virtual classroom, Zoom. Our daily communications are performed in a web-based platform, Learn. In other words, you don't need to attend any campus classes or activities physically at Dalarna University.

If you are new to distance education, or you've never had experience with virtual (online) classrooms, please read the following information carefully before the course starts.

Zoom, our virtual classroom:

How to use ZOOM

Learning mode and attendance

This course emphasizes on continuous assessments and students have to attend all the seminars in order to pass one stage of study to the next. Meanwhile, you will have to hand in assignments each week.

Contact information

Finally, please feel free to contact the instructor for any questions regarding this course!

Instructors: Lung Lung Hu (

For questions regarding administration or registration, please contact


There is no textbook of this course. We have our own lecture notes and course materials of everyweek. The reference books in the literature list are not compulsory, you can choose to purchase them or not.

Q and A

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Course schedule

There are 4 parallel sessions of this course (the content of the 4 sessions are the same).

Chinese characters I will have two day-time groups and two evening-time groups.

Our Introduction Lecture will be held on Sept 2 and 3 (week 36, Monday and Tuesday), you only need to attend one.


Morning: 10.00-11.30 (session 1)

Afternoon: 14.00-15.30 (session 2)


Evening: 17.00-18.30 (session 3)

Evening: 18.30-20.00 (session 4)

Zoom Classroom Links

Meeting ID 999 612 378






36 (Sept. 2, 3)

Lecture 0: Introduction



37 (9, 10)

Lecture 1: Lesson 1

Online exercise 1


38 (16, 17)

Lecture 2: Lesson 2

Handwriting 1


40 (Sept 30, Oct 1)

Lecture 3: Lesson 3

Online exercise 2


41 (Oct 7, 8)

Lecture 4: Lesson 4

Handwriting 2

Online exercise 3

42 (Oct 14, 15)

Lecture 5: Lesson 5

Online exercise 4


43 (21, 22)

Lecture 6: Lesson 6

Online exercise 5


45 (Nov 4, 5)

Lecture 7: Lesson 7

Handwriting 3

Online exercise 6

46 (11, 12)

Lecture 8: Lesson 8

Online exercise 7

47 (18, 19)

Lecture 9: Lesson 9

Online exercise 8


49 (Dec 2, 3)

Lecture 10: Lesson 10

Handwriting 4

Online exercise 9

50 (Dec. 9, 10)

Lecture 11: Lesson 11

Online exercise 10


Online exercise 11


2 (Jan 7)

Final Exam

Morning / Evening

For course syllabus, please see Syllabus - Dalarna University (



Course summary:

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