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Mosque in Larabanga, Ghana. Photo: benketaro (Flickr Creative Commons) 

Welcome to "Islam and Islamic Societies in Africa" at Dalarna University

Welcome to the course "Islam and Islamic societies in Africa". This is a hybrid course, which means it will be given both on Campus Falun and online. All meetings on campus will be in the room called "Kavaljeren", and for those of you who participate online Zoom a link to a dedicated virtual room will be provided in the schedule.

In this course, we will be studying historical and contemporary aspects of Islam in Africa. A general theme will be the interaction between global influences and local contexts. In our seminars, we will discuss various themes of modern times, while you will delve into the historical development of Islam in Africa through literature studies.

For each seminar one or two of you will be asked to present one or two articles which will form the basis for discussions in class.

Notice that there are five classes with compulsory attendance (see the “Course Manual”). This means that you must be able to participate in each of the classes, or you cannot fulfill the course. Certainly, we understand that you may be sick and has to be absent because of that, but if so, you will have to make up for your absence through a written assignment. Furthermore, if you are absent from more than one lesson, you have to make up all absent lessons except one by attending the seminars next time the course is given.

See "Course Summary" below for a preliminary schedule.

Alternative days for written exam and submission of essays will be presented at course start at the latest.

All the literature is available in electronic form through the University library. If you want to start reading already now, the main book will be Loimeier, Muslim Societies in Africa.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.




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