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Welcome to GEN2S2: English for Specific Purposes: Oral Communication in Intercultural Workplaces at Dalarna University!

This course is taught online, via Zoom. For some parts, recorded material will be offered via this learning platform.

This course is offered as a free-standing course.

The course aims to prepare you for your professional career by developing your awareness of communication issues of relevance in global contexts.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use basic skills in oral discussions in English.
  • Communicate your opinions clearly, as well as respond to the opinions of others.
  • Search for topical information and present it in a concise form, as well as reflect on the information in group discussions.
  • Describe linguistic variation and registers in English and how these work by analysing different communicative situations.
  • Use presentation techniques.
  • Describe relevant aspects of intercultural workplaces.
  • Communicate and explain your own ideas and interpretations of the course material.
  • Discuss different aspects of intercultural communication and how these can be applied in your future professional work.


We hope you engage in inspiring, interesting, and challenging discussions with your fellow students and teachers. Like all teaching at Dalarna University, this course builds on a solid theoretical and research foundation.


In this course, you will engage in projects examining communicative practices in workplace settings. The course takes a hands-on approach: that is to say, you will have opportunities to discuss and analyse course contents. In addition, the course has been designed so that you can tailor the contents to your specific discipline and areas of interest. The course consists of two modules, namely:


  1. Oral Communication (3 ECTs): This module involves a variety of tasks designed to help you develop your oral skills such as discussions with particular regard to your field, employment, and social situations. This module is assessed through an oral presentation (see Modules > Course information for more details).
  2. Intercultural workplaces (4.5 ECTs): This module discusses and problematises various aspects of relevance in intercultural workplaces with a specific focus on professional communication. This module is assessed through a written Culture Project (see Modules > Course information for more details).


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